Only Applying is Wellbeing!

Formula based on Oriental Ancient Wisdom

ActPrime JELLY

ActPrime JELLY is the oriental ancient herbs based product uniquely
designed to provide relief of a body and mind.
Formulated with only the best ingredients your body will love.
ActPrime JELLY supports the balance of your body associated with;
Heiping for Detox, Relaxation, Peaceful mind, Health, Meditation, and More.
fruit and vegetable compound enzyme powder, fruit and vegetable powder

How to Use

  • Basic

    Take 2~3 sachets Daily.
    Open a sachet and eat it immediately.
    After each meal, eat 1 sachet: It is recommended to add at least 200ml of warm water each time.

  • Warning

    Pregnant women and children should not eat it.


    Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

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