Door-to-Door International Shipping

We have much experience of global shipments, and finally we've got The Safe & Correct International Shipment system.
Every order can be tracted by its own Tracking-number.

The Real Global Business

PLAVICE brings the success of the global economy to every doorstep.

The latest mordern technology was combined with an ancient oriental
wisdom and finally completed as the uniquely designed impact products.
As offering the unique and high-impact products fit inside an envelope
and shipping anywhere with their own Tracking-numbers,
PLAVICE allows anyone, anywhere to open a successful global shopping mall.
PLAVICE is the right real global business.

Here are Why This Mall is so Woderful for You;

  • Uniquely Designed Products
  • Safe & Correct International Door-to-Door Shipment system
  • Simple and Easy starting for The International Shop
  • Simple & Easy Management
  • Anywhere, Anytime in the world
  • On-Off Unlimited Biz
  • Long-term viable business
  • Support by the professionals of PLAVICE's customer-center
  • sharing Sharing
    Contents etc.
  • sharing Supporting
    by Professional
  • sharing Supporting
    Global Business
  • sharing Promoting
    SNS Marketing

How to Support Your Success

  1. 1Support good contents for your job.
  2. 2Support on-off meetings or seminars.
  3. 3Support you for 24hrs.
  4. 4Support connecting with its customer-center.
  5. 5Support SNS marketings.


All over the world, our team has handled this unique quantum transcripted korean-red-ginseng product since 2013.
We have worked the kind of global shippings.

On the process, we could experience a lot about the new international business and we can plan for the upcoming times.

Each of us is a professional in its own area and very helpful.
We are Family. Now we are looking for new family-members joining with Groundbreaking system of PLAVICE.

Our team is already prepared to support your real global success.


PLAVICE' s Promise for the Beautiful Future



Anywhere, anytime in the World, continously your PLAVICE-shop will run. This business is exactly appropriate for 'Global business'. You can start this mall with very simple options.

The idea is from field-experienced groups. We have made an effort worked hard to achieve this ideal system.

We have the outstanding products which are suitable for international shipping & sale, and finally we bulid up 'PLAVICE' to make the remarkable shop true.

If you are someone, who wants to succeed, be more comfortale and help the other people's success & health, we confirm you can do them in PLAVICE.

Real Global Shop : Long-term Viable Biz for Much More People : Simple is The Best

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